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Fondis Wine Storage FAQ

Wine Storage F.A.Q.s

Which is the best temperature for storing wine?
Fine wine is fragile, if kept at to high temperature it will age too quickly and turn to vinegar,
if the temperature is too cold the ageing process will slow down and eventually stop.
The best temperature for ageing any wines is between 12 and 14 Degrees Celsius.
Some of the best wines (white and red) can keep for decades.

What is the right level of humidity?
Humidity is necessary to keep the cork of the bottles moist to avoid it from shrinking and letting air in the bottle, this is one of the reason why we keep wine bottles lying down.But too much humidity will help propagation of fungus and rot which will damage the wine labels and also develop bad smells in the cellar which will
affect the aroma of the wine.
The best humidity is around 70%.

What happens to the wine?
When ageing white wine get darker in colour (gold) and red wines get lighter ( tawny orange) . The aromas get softer and change from fruity to flowers aromas and later on to spices and earthy aromas. The tannins in red wine disappear, and white wines loose some acidity. All wines will improve distinctively from spending as little as 6 to12 month in a good cellar.