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Our wine cellar units are available for all type of cellar, Please contact us and we will help you choose the right model for you.

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Creation of your wine cellar
with Fondis Wine cellar solution

Wine cellar
Wine cellar solution with Fondis cellar air conditioning

The most important step is to have a room totaly insulated.
We suggest the use of cellartex 75mm, an isolant material
used in house roofs avilable from builder merchants.
Other insulation materials can be used such as polystyrene, polyuretane, trisodur etc.
Rock wool is not a good material to use.
The all room need to be insulated including floor and ceiling.
The internal fascia must be moisture resistant – you can use hard wood tongue & groove,shiplap spruce boarding, ceramic tiles or melanine boards.
We recommend you tile your floor area
as it is easy to keep clean and it act as a cold surface.

Fondis c25
Fondis c25

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Space Volume
The volume of the room is calculated in cubic meter (m3).
Calculate the volume space by multiplying in meters :
Hight x Width x Length.
This will give you a volume in cubic meter necessary
for choosing the appropriate air conditioning unit.
Example: 2m x 3m x 2m = 12 m3 so you would use a Fondis C25 refrigeration unit
Always try to position your refrigeration unit towards the back of your cellar
and as far away from the door as possible.
Ideally the refrigeration unit should be as high as practical but not closer than 10cm from the ceiling height. The area to which your refrigeration units vents into must have adequate air circulation to allow any heat created to dissipate naturally.
We also have a specially designed unit to be place through an external wall fitted
with a heating belt to protect the unit against frost

Fondis sp100 wine cellar


If you want to create a wine cellar in a part of an existing room / garage / out building,
the partition wall can be made of wood or bricks which ever is the most convenient so far you insulated it as suggested above.Insulated door
Our metal insulated door is supplied with adequate seals to prevent loss of air and will provide complete insulation.

All our refrigeration units require a 13 amp plug socket on the
warm side of the refrigeration unit.
This need to be accessible for isolating the power.
Note: Please do not put the power inside your cellar

Wine racks
Made to measure wine racks will maximize the storage capacity
and will give a professional finish look to your cellar.

Storage capacity
As an idea of storage capacity a room space of 3m x 1.5m x 2m hight
can provide storage for 1300 bottles allowing space for the door and wine cooler.

Insulation Graphique
This graphic shows you how to create the insulation of the room with gaps between existing floor, ceiling and walls of about 50mm with the new frame of the room.
It is also important to ventilate the cavities you have formed around your cellar,
to do this simply cut 50mm x 200mm holes in the out sides walls
and fit a vent cover over them.
Four vents, two at high level and two at low level should be sufficient.

Wine cellar room
Creation of your wine cellar Fondis

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